7 Days of Play: Open Your Heart to Love 

Are you longing to spend the holidays with your new love?

Have you been struggling to find the One that makes you smile every time you think of them?

If your intention is to allow in love, then you can start with opening your heart.

Let's embark on a 7-day journey of opening your heart to love using your creativity to attract the love you want and deserve.

During the course, we will explore how to draw in your heart’s desires with grace and ease instead of the effort and angst that has plagued your attempts so far.

You don't have to change who you are or how you look to attract love. You are perfect, whole, and complete exactly as you are!

Each day for seven days you will receive an email to guide you along the journey in opening your heart to love through using your creativity.

Course includes:

  • Videos

  • Homefun Activities

  • Love Inspiring Songs

  • Meditations

  • Original Art

It's time to open your heart and allow in soulmate love!

Open your heart,
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Beth Gayden, M.Ed., C.L.A.C.
Book Writing, Creativity and Certified Love Attraction TM Coach
Let's connect:
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